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MARACHOWSKA ART steht für die professionell ausgeführten, innovativen und ausdrucksstarken Kunstwerke der in Berlin lebenden und arbeitenden, aus Sibirien stammenden Künstlerin Maria Marachowska. Durch Ihre Ausstellungen und vielfältigen kreativen Aktivitäten konnte sie bereits im In- und Ausland zahlreiche Kunstsammler für Ihre Originalgemälde, Glasmalereien und Grafiken gewinnen. Es besteht aber auch die Möglichkeit, hochqualitative Reproduktionen (Kunstdrucke, Poster, T-Shirts etc.) ihrer Werke zu erwerben oder künstlerische Auftragsarbeiten zu bestellen.

PAINTINGS: 1997-2000 2000-2002 2002-2005 2005-2007 2008-2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017  


MARACHOWSKA ART represents the highly professional, innovative and captivating art works of Russian born, Berlin based young artist Maria Marachowska.

For Maria Marachowska painting represents an act of liberation, when she immerses into the element of art, the empty canvas or a sheet of paper means infinity to her. In her artistic expression, she knows no boundaries, the painter’s brush in her hand seems to take on a life of its own, becomes the key to an intensely personal, mysterious world. When she paints, she draws from the strength of her rich memories and her experience of life, quite remarkable for an artist as young as herself and capable of touching us just through their truthfulness and authenticity.

In her works, her experiences are transformed into pure energy and emotions which are transmitted to the spectator, it is impossible to withdraw from the deep attraction of her images, they virtually absorb through their oscillating, often almost hallucinatory colours and their suggestive shapes. It is her artistic credo not to adjust whatsoever to anything that has existed, she cannot be assigned to any existing art style, her works speak of universal forces, far beyond any conventions. Inspiration comes from within herself, from her innermost feelings, her joys and pains which she transfers into her visionary image compositions, as if to relieve of an oppressive burden – creation is a basic need to her, inseparably linked with her life.

The process of her artistic work is only comparable to a natural phenomenon: the wave effect and extension, caused by a pebble that touches the water surface and spins apparently infinite circles, one arises from the other, a constant development and renovation, generating always new, innovative art works and image series. Maria Marachowska’s art is cosmic, seems to be connected to the stars, abstraction opens new dimensions of perception, something sacred and sublime is inherent to her oeuvre, radiates a healing power.

The apocalyptic air, penetrating to the surface in many of her paintings, gives no reason to anguish or grief, but announces a new world in which the Fantastic has defeated cold rationality, through the awakening of an all-embracing cosmos, she gives reason to hope, her images give us a hint of a lost world before the beginning of time, to which there is no more access in normal life.

© Text: Iris Weirich, 2011 

PAINTINGS: 1997-2000 2000-2002 2002-2005 2005-2007 2008-2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016